Declare the past, diagnose the present, and foretell the future. Hippocrates

CONGRATS, YOU AND I BOTH MADE A LONG WAY TO GET HERE! This Medium Quest will unlock your potential, your artistic nature and your desire to create your own self-expressionism in the future. Now you’re free of those pounds that were holding you in chain. You’ve grown both spiritually and physically strong. You faced your own demons and now you’re ONE step away from reaching your ultimate goals.
Open the door and walk into your new life full of new opportunities!


What was goo about this year? Celebrate your success with everyone who supported you and made you better over the course of the last 12 month. Set new macro/micro goals for the next year.


Complete your Wheel of Life for 2021. Setup a game plan for your upcoming year. Establish THREE main priorities for 2021. Revisit some outstanding goals from the past year. Create your own morning and evening ritual. Get out of the comfort zone (acquire new skills and live through new experiences). Help others in achieving their best version!


Imagine if a film crew was making a movie of your life. They followed you around all the time, filming everything you did over the past year. What you ate, how hard you exercised, how long you slept as well as your achievements, setbacks and hardships. If we were to sit down together this evening and review this footage, what do you think would stand out? If you imagine you life was this kind of movie what would be some parts that you would want to cut or maybe take another shot and film it from another angle? Perhaps, some words you said that you should have never spoken or something you wanted to say but kept silence.

Plugins to Seize 2021

Mindset → Practice the Art of Multi-dimensional Awareness
In order to find out WHO you are you must first find out what you’re not. The first step is to ask yourself, “WHAT I’M not?” E.g., I’m not my feelings, emotions and anxieties. Make a short list if things you’re NOT. Dissociate with it and you may have a glimpse of your true identification. Question everything, do not believe anything. Anything you think You’re — You’re not! Hold on to I AM and let go of anything else. Anything you know about, you can’t be.

Without using your thoughts, memory, associations, emotions, perceptions, attention or intention ask yourself, “Am I a man, a women or neither? Am I defined, undefined or neither? Am I limited, unlimited or neither? Am I in the body out of the body or neither? Am I loved, unloved or neither? Am I attractive, ugly or neither? Then ask yourself, “What is it that needs to be healed? What is healing?” EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU’RE — YOU’RE NOT so simply DISCARD IT! Whatever you do in life — do it consciously. The more conscious you are the more luminous you become.

Be Your Authentic Self. Always act according to your inner principles, core values and your intuition.

Time is your most valuable asset. Now is all we have so make every moment count and every breath take worthwhile. Tomorrow is the concept that doesn't exist. Realize it sooner or later and it would make you appreciate living in the moment.

You’re going to die and you have no idea when. Acknowledge your time will come and start planning your life so that you can get the most out of it.

Everyone you love is going to die, and you don’t know when. This truth is saddening, but it also gives you motivation to make the most of the time you have with your loved ones while they’re here.

Your relationships are precious, so get the most meaning you can out of them.

Money won’t make you a happier or better person. While you need enough money to live, research has shown that anything beyond that
won’t make you happier. Real peace comes from inside yourself.

Your obsession with finding happiness prevents you from finding it. Attaching yourself to an idea of happiness and what it should be is the exact anti-thesis of what happiness is. To be happy, you need to let go and accept life as it is.

You can’t make everyone happy. Being a people pleaser won’t give you happiness. It’s much better for everyone involved to respect your own values, principles and autonomy.

You’ll never be perfect. Many of us have unrelenting inner critics that constantly self-hate.

Stop holding yourself to unrealistic standards. Fight back against that negative voice.

Your thoughts are less important than your feelings. Your emotions need acknowledgment. Intellectually thinking through problems isn’t as helpful as expressing your true feelings.

Your actions speak louder than your words. Words are meaningless without action. Make sure your hold yourself to account.

Your achievements and successes won’t matter in your death bed. When your time has come, you won’t be thinking up that time you got that raise. You’ll be thinking about your relationships you’ve made, so prioritize accordingly.

Talent means nothing without practice and effort. If you’re not prepared to put the effort in, it doesn’t matter how talented you are. Grit and dedication is far more important.

Now in the only time that matters. The future and past are illusions, now is the only thing that exists. The quickest way to happiness to fully accept and embrace the present moment.

Your words are more important than your thoughts so start inspiring people. Words have the power to oppress, hurt and shame, but they also have the power to liberate and inspire — use them wisely.

Investing in yourself is the most worthwhile you can do. It isn’t selfish to invest yourself. Before you can help others, you have to help yourself.

It’s not what happens, it’s how you react that matters. Train yourself to respond in a way that benefits you.

You need healthy relationships to be happy. Relationships are the greatest factor in happiness, so make sure you give them the attention they deserve.

Nutrition → Follow Your Own Macro-nutrient Profile

Remember that it’s okay to sometime skip a meal, it’s okay to stay up late one time or skip training, feel under-recovered, dehydrated, over-trained or hungry. As the matter of fact we perform better both physically and mentally when we are hungry. Prioritize long-term health over short term gains. Don’t try to control everything, whatever you resist will persist. Find that sweet spot between sanity and sustainability.

Stay always congruent with your thoughts, values and ideas. You must practice all acquired behaviors consistently. Eat 2/3 times a day. All it matters is the quantity, quality and time of your last meal. Always keep on making nutritious food choices, eat until 80 % full and avoid eating any high starch foods 3–4 hours before bed. Eat up until you nourish your body with nutrients.

Keep filling your shopping bag with nutritious, least chemically adulterated, and potentially more sustainable — whole, minimally processed organic foods. Always question and be judgmental when it comes to different foods. Never tag foods as “good or bad”, never avoid foods simply because some food magazine tagged them as “bad” — use displacement strategy instead if you don’t like a taste of certain foods.

Don’t snack, don’t fast, don’t diet, don’t do cheat meals for excessive amount of time. Listen to your body. There is no good or bad way to go about food. There is only your way. What works for someone else won’t necessary work for you. The best bet is to eat based on your current macro-nutrient needs and goals.

Unless you’re 11 % body fat or less re-feeds are counterproductive. If you decide to introduce re-feed, try increasing the amount of fast digesting carbs that are low glycemic such as sweet potato, rice or yam before and after your training for two weeks. Then for the next two weeks decrease the amount of those carbs. If you were eating two handful of rice after your training, go for one or no rice at all. Check your weight and see if there are changes to your waistline.

Here’s one possible scenario for the future of foods. Very soon genetic food screening would become more accessible and accurate. Though, there will be a bigger gap between sustainable farms and mass food production chains. Most likely we will live up to see a bigger demand for organic foods in general. In the future everybody will get an access to portable gadgets to be able to test cortisol and inflammation levels to determine if our body’s missing vitamins or depleted on macro-nutrients.

We shall also see more production of lab foods and more supplementation in general. More food will be delivered to our doors! The meats will be grown in the labs. 90%-95% of foods will be GMO. We will eventually learn to produce some variety of GMO foods from home. The drinkable water supplies will become scarce. Water might become the new petroleum. Life expectancy will increase to 10 years, but the amount of mental illnesses and DNA related deceases will rise dramatically. Thus, the quality of life might drop significantly and that would inevitably lead to more suffering.

By 2030 if the world population will continue to grow so the food consumption is expected to increase up to 50% meaning that we will have to produce twice as more food as today. There are two soluble solutions — population will have to simply eat less processed food on the market or produce and grow its own food. With nutrients being stripped from foods, from soil and with continuous poisoning of our ecosystem we will
be facing some serious health problem by 2030. As artificial mass produced foods grow in number — we must take actions. We must lead by example and show industry that we need less food but more quality! What we want for our next generation is nutritiously dense foods on the market and not some cheap processed junk. As long as we continue to consume packaged, junk and artificial foods — the market would never change. Solution is simple — support local farmers and buy close to organic, nutritiously dense foods.

“Food and nutrition would be based upon personal preference and if
studies indicate that eating living animals are detrimental to health the
information would be there for all people. Through time and education and
the manufacturing of synthetic proteins we could do away with killing fish
and animals. Indeed, it is already possible to have a solely plant-based diet
that meets all nutritional needs. We cannot outlaw what people eat but we
can outgrow the need for eating animal protein. During the transition to
a better diet for those who need it we could also develop foods that taste
and feel just like the ones they like eating but are healthier for people. We
are also against experimenting on animals or people.” The Venus Project.

Activity → Train according to your Neurotransmitter Profile

The future of fitness is training program/plans based on individual neurotransmitter profile that takes into account personal musculoskeletal variances and characteristics. In few years AI software would be able to generate ideal training plans based on a person genetics and DNA code. It would also become more affordable for general public. Until then remember that the program is only good as time takes you to adapt to it. The general rule is to modify your program every 6 to 8 weeks.

When exercising be safe and always listen to your body. Remember that mobility is the key component in preventing injuries. Mobility simply means adding strength into an existing range of motion.

Remember that pain is the language your body communicates with you. Stop any form of exercises every time you feel there is a sharp pain. Don’t hurt yourself, your safety is number one priority!

Get in a habit of blood testing every 6 to 12 month. Every year get a complete a blood count (CBC) and a complete metabolic panel (CMP). Based on the results adapt your nutrition, lifestyle and activities. Listen to your physician or family doctor advice on any supplementation or additional medication.

Set a destination rather than a goal. Set new destination e.g. run a marathon, iron man, body building show, competition, fitness bikini, fitness model, photo-shooting session, etc. Simplify your life by living without goals. Practice all empowering habits you have acquired so far. Maintain whatever you got and focus on things you suck at. After all, it’s all about the journey and not the destination.

Embrace life without fear. Fear is a fraud. Face the line of fear and turn it into a pussycat. Now, get on it — sit down and write you own program!

Now since you’re all setup and fully equipped with plugins to be able to shift an old paradigm and become a Health Practitioner you’re responsible for practicing the keystone habits, learning and evolving so you can teach your loved ones the same healthy lifestyle by living example. May the Architects of the Universe bestow its graceful light upon you in all your endeavors!

Are you ready to seize 2021?

Please complete this self check-up by answering the following questions sincerely and with zero judgment:

1. If you were to write a screenplay for the sequel to your life, where would you start? How would you make it better? How would you change your behaviors?

2. What are some things that blocking you from getting what you want? Write your own Quest. You may use this template, “I allow myself… in order to become… by… because… and…”

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This Medium article is dedicated to all my mentors, my friends and enemies. I express an out-most, sincere gratitude to my beloved family. Thank you kindly for your endless support and inspiration. Carpe Diem — Carpe Omnia!

Written by
Ivan Reactor
Health2 Practitioner. Holistic Nutrition and a Group/Fitness Coach
I Practice and Facilitate Movement

Health2 Practitioner. Holistic Nutrition and a Group/Fitness Coach I Practice and Facilitate Movement