Rest as soon as there is pain. Hippocrates

We currently live in the society that encourages to push ourselves beyond our limits. This Quest will teach you the best known protocols to promote recovery, fight jet-lag, become more efficient at tasks and support cognitive functions.


Go to bed earlier tonight to catch up on your sleep!


Rest is underestimated and highly overlooked in our fast-paced society. Sleep is the best anabolic agent, yet so many of us suffer from insomnia, sleep disorders and abrupt sleep patterns. As the result of sleep deprivation we don’t get fully retested in the morning. This in turn leads to a vicious cycle of over-training, injuries, missed days from work, immunity issues and hormonal imbalance. Thus, to make you fully rested in the morning we must implement few keystone habits discussed in this Quest.


Escape or travel somewhere quiet and alienated where you can spend some time with yourself and rest from city noise, traffic and people. In the next two weeks acquire and practice the following habits:

Anticipation Strategies

Ask yourself the following question, “What’s likely to get in the way of what I hope to accomplish?” Now make a list in your head and write it down in your notebook.

Fit for Brain — The Art of Learning Anything Faster

Train your brain to read and memorize everything much faster using mnemonics, acronyms and funny images rather than using translations and DiSSS memorization technique:
Deconstruction — Break down the complex into the simplest parts.
interviewing — reaching out or finding a mentor to help you and inspire
you to learn something new
Selection — Ask yourself which 20% of the blocks should I focus on for
80% or more of the outcome I want?
Sequencing — Learn the right order to learn the blocks and don’t skip
over the steps.
Stakes — That means that when you decide to learn something, you
need to set weekly goals for yourself, with ramifications that will hurt if
you don’t follow them
When it comes to learning new languages learn a set of extremely
common, simple words using pictures, not translations. Use subtitles when watching foreign movies to learn new vocabulary and sentence structure.

The Art of Appreciation

Start your day with this affirmation, “I appreciate the entire living thing in this world”. Wake up with this thought and keep saying it 5 times in a row, “I’m safe, I’m home, I’m whole

Boost your Memory and Cognitive Functions

Coffee Beans, Dark Chocolate, Organic Eggs, Walnuts, Spinach, Lemon, Lime, Goat and Sheep Cheese, Blueberries, Bilberries, Organic Cocoa are common foods that improve cognitive functions. Some supplements that boost your neurological profile are Omega-3 fatty acids, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Rhodiola Rosea, GinkoBiloba and Stevia Extract.

Food for Bacteria

Prebiotics help us to recover faster. Some of the best prebiotics products on the market are Creatine, Mushroom Coffee, Decaf green Matcha Tea, Yerba Mate consumed from gourd, Exogeneous ketones and Stevia. Consider adding foods like chicory root, dandelion greens, garlic, onions, leeks, artichoke, asparagus in your salads!

Recipe for Jet-lag Recovery

Take 5 HTP + Magnesium Glycinate in the morning and GABA + Magnesium Threonate before bed.

Cognitive Enhancers

There are certain additions to Bulletproof Coffee that will rob it of its
energy-boosting powers. Things like coconut oil, honey, or maple syrup
will mess with your blood sugar and cause those energy dips that have
you reaching for a midday cookie. But there are some nutrient-dense
additions that are Bulletproof-approved:
Turmeric: This popular yellow spice is known for its antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. However, it has a pretty pungent taste that takes away from the rich flavor of Bulletproof Coffee.
Collagen: A full spectrum of amino acids derived from grass-fed beef,
Upgraded Collagen is tasteless and dissolves completely in liquid. It aids
healthy tissue repair, which means good things for your gut, skin, hair, and joints.
Vanilla: Vanilla adds classic flavor with a boost of antioxidants that help aid in cognitive enhancement.
Chocolate Powder: Make your Bulletproof Coffee into a mocha and add a ton
of performance-boosting polyphenols while you’re at it! High-quality chocolate can lift your spirits and protect your skin from sun damage, among other things, so add that chocolate guilt-free.
Ceylon Cinnamon: Cinnamon can help you regulate your blood sugar and
reduce insulin resistance, all while enhancing motivation, performance, and
alertness. For daily consumption, choose Ceylon over an unspecified type of cinnamon (usually cassia), which likely contains a plant chemical called coumarin. In large amounts, coumarin can be toxic to the liver and kidneys,
and many people have a slightly negative reaction to it.

Never Get Sick Again

Use Wim Hof method of breathing and cold water exposure. You may also use infrared sauna/steam room frequently if you have access to it. If you don’t have access to lake or sauna simply use a contrast shower every morning or after a long tiresome day. Before bed you may want to use a hot tub with added magnesium sulfate (pour about 1–2 cups into a hot bathtub and let it soak). Sleep religiously for 8 hours. Once every 6 month go somewhere south on vacation. If you can’t get enough of natural sun supplement with a sufficient amount of Vitamin D. Reduce the amount of EMF. Also, you may use Acupressure or Warm Bamboo Massage Therapy to pull stress out of your body and help yourself sleep better.

The art of Periodization: 10-Day Cycle

Plan 4 training sessions within the next 10–12 days. Each heavy training session should be followed by a light session. Example: Tue — Heavy training, (70%-80% of 1RM), Thu — Light training (50% of 1RM), Sat — Heavy training (70%-80% of 1RM), Tue — Light training (50 % of 1RM) and Thu — go heavy again!


In a 2012 Cochrane study cold water immersion aka cryotherapy was found to moderately reduce ratings of muscle soreness at 24–96 hours following exercise. It also reduces feelings of fatigue by 10% and enhances physical recovery by 10%. Cold-water baths should be avoided if you have a heart condition or a problem with circulation!

Are you still committed towards your goal/s?

Please complete this self check-up by answering the following questions sincerely and with zero judgment:

  1. Do you feel your productivity goes down to zero in the early afternoon?

2. What would be a little bit better when it comes to your recovery?

3. What would be a little bit worse when it comes to your recovery?

4. Name One thing that you’re are already doing well when it comes to your recovery?

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