Declare the past, diagnose the present, and foretell the future. Hippocrates

CONGRATS, YOU AND I BOTH MADE A LONG WAY TO GET HERE! This Medium Quest will unlock your potential, your artistic nature and your desire to create your own self-expressionism in the future. Now you’re free of those pounds that were holding you in chain. You’ve grown both spiritually and physically strong. You faced your own demons and now you’re ONE step away from reaching your ultimate goals.
Open the door and walk into your new life full of new opportunities!


What was goo about this year? Celebrate your success with everyone who supported you and made you better over the course of the last 12 month. Set new macro/micro goals for the next year.


Complete your Wheel of Life

The physician treats, but nature heals. Hippocrates

Some strategies that you would find in this Quest may seem too advanced for you at the moment. All you need to know is that we are discovering and rediscovering new minerals, super-foods, and treatments every day. What may seem to be pseudo-science today may become our next cure against the top killers of our modern day world!


Think about your most sincere dream. It could be your child’s dream or something you always wanted to try but has always been afraid of. Start making arrangements towards your unfulfilled dream/s immediately. …

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. Hippocrates

This Medium Quest will tie all the pieces together to push an early retirement and reduce chances of premature death. We will revisit all the ways to maintain your top fitness level as you get older. All the information in this Quest would prevent you from doing any potential harm in the future so you could always stay in your best shape no matter your age.


Make a list of all things that are already working well for you in maintaining
peak-state and a top-notch fitness shape. Take an anti-aging quiz online.


We are on average living longer. We can manage chronic disease with better…

Rest as soon as there is pain. Hippocrates

We currently live in the society that encourages to push ourselves beyond our limits. This Quest will teach you the best known protocols to promote recovery, fight jet-lag, become more efficient at tasks and support cognitive functions.


Go to bed earlier tonight to catch up on your sleep!


Rest is underestimated and highly overlooked in our fast-paced society. Sleep is the best anabolic agent, yet so many of us suffer from insomnia, sleep disorders and abrupt sleep patterns. As…

Look to the seasons when choosing your cures. Hippocrates

You’re getting closer to your journey’s end. Before we let you go on your own there are few things that need to be tweaked. This Quest will ask you to pay a visit to your local farmers market in order shop for whole foods and support small agriculture business owners.


Find local markets, farms or health store near you and plan a trip to stock up on synergy foods


“Organic” doesn’t mean that animals are grass fed or humanly treated. Nor does “organic” mean it’s a healthy, nourishing food. Organic, highly…

A good exercise program is better than any medicine you can ever take.

This Quest will focus on some of the most essential vitamins and minerals that you’re most likely depleted. So far we have recommended taking multivitamins and other nutrients from foods but we can’t deny the importance of supplementation in the modern day society.


Check if your multivitamins contain Omega 3 Fish Oil, Vitamin D, Glucosamine, Collagen and Magnesium Glycinate. If not, you may want to start taking them separately.


Unless you’re growing your own food in the backyard or buying…

To do nothing is sometimes good remedy. Hippocrates

Everything needs a little tune-up once in a while, so does our bodies and organs. The time has come for a small detox week to be able to cleanse our cells, reduce inflammation and get back on the path towards your ultimate goal with a full tank of energy, clarity and strength


Talk to your boss and see if you can work from home or use your vacation time
to reduce working hours to 20 hours a week for the period of the next 2 weeks. …

Extreme remedies are very appropriate for extreme diseases. Hippocrates

In this Quest we shall deal with the most effective strategies to boost your
metabolism through the roof and break another plateau using heart rate based
interval training combined with some advanced nutrition strategies.


Look for Heart-Rate based High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes around your area. Book yourself for a free trial class so you can begin on boosting your metabolism and improving your hormone response.


People after 40 would find this Quest particularly…

“We have only one life and one body and we can’t afford to waste a single day”, Unknown

We all wish to live to be 100 but none of us want to be crooked, sick and inactive old person who sits in a chair all day long and awaits his death. Would you like to be active and enjoy life as you age? This Quest will share with you some common habits of people who lived to be 100 and yet preserved a decent amount of health and mobility to enjoy their life at its fullest.


Do people guess your age right? Do you look younger than your age?
Do you look younger than your peers? …

Look well to the spine for the cause of disease. Hippocrates

In our modern day society all of us suffer from some spinal deviations. We sit for too many hours straight and usually forget about our posture. This Quest will teach you to take a good care of your spine for long years to come so it rewards you with longevity.


Perform wall slide test and see if your elbows align with your ears to determine whether you have opportunities on improving your range of motion, posture and spinal health.


Prolonged excessive sitting is a modern day epidemy. All of…

Ivan Reactor

Health2 Practitioner. Holistic Nutrition and a Group/Fitness Coach I Practice and Facilitate Movement

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